“The first duty of society is justice.” Alexander Hamilton

The second Tuesday of April is “Be Kind to Lawyers Day,” to celebtate those who practice law to make sure that the legal system in a country works smoothly.

The legal profession is one of the oldest professions in the history of humankind. Lawyers are trained and licensed to solve their client’s legal problems. Lawyers protect people; they protect society; and, they help keep things orderly.

For example, until lawyers fought against it, it was common for people in the United States to be beaten until they confessed.

On the “civil” law side, lawyers enforce and defend contractual, property and general “tort” (civil law) rights, For instance, lawyers fight for clients when a large corporation refuses to perform a contract; when someone or some company causes damages; lawyers fight insurance companies that deny or delay benefits; lawyers fight homeowner associations that discriminate or act unfairly against members.  When a neighbors damages your trees and other property, obstructs your view, or otherwise interferes with your right of quiet enjoyment, you generally need a lawyer to fight for justice.  There are men and women in black robes down at the courthouse to resolve disputes, and lawyers are needed to help their clients navigate the legal system.

In other words, a society based on laws needs attorneys to provide legal representation and advice.

How to Celebrate?

  • Purchases some Will Bullas art, such as Bar Exam, Court of Appeals, Legal Eagles, or my favorite, Before the Bar.
  • Take time to really understand the struggles that attorneys face, and the vast amount of time and energy devoted to your cause.  The best way to celebrate Be Kind to Lawyers Day is to ensure that the lawyers in your life know how much you appreciate their tireless efforts.
  • Send a thank you note to the lawyer in your life. It always helps to have a lawyer on your side!
  • Watch TV shows or movies with protagonists who are lawyers.
  • Use legal jargon during conversations with family, friends, and colleagues

Be Kind to Lawyers Day is celebrated annually on the second Tuesday of April, the strategically sandwiched between April Fool’s Day (April 1st) and U.S. Tax Day (April 15th).