A major question in the middle of all of the current uncertainties is whether commercial or residential construction in Southern California will be stopped, and if so, for how long. The governor’s March 19, 2020 Stay Home Order classifies construction workers as Essential Workers, including for housing construction projects.

Here in Los Angeles, the Department of Building and Safety has issued COVID-19 safety guidelines for construction projects. However, enforcement of such guidelines at all active construction sites would be extremely difficult, at best; and other cities have begun to take further action. This past Tuesday, six Bay Area counties ordered shut downs for almost all construction projects, including office buildings and market-rate housing, after initially deeming those projects essential. We expect Los Angeles to soon follow suit.

Turner Law Firm remains open and fully functional. We have been cloud based since 2007, which has allowed us to continue operations remotely and do our part to help end the current crisis. Although the LA Superior Court has suspended all trials “until further notice,” the courts are still open filing new cases, filing motions, and for hearing emergency motions, which includes for all sorts of real estate related matters.  Thus, do not hesitate to contact us regarding any new or potential maters.

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