Justin Escano

On November 18, 2016, the California State Bar announced the results of the July Bar Examination.  We are so excited that our Justin Escano passed.  Those who know Justin had no doubt that he would.  Congratulations to Justin!

Justin Escano started at the Turner Law Firm (TLF) after graduating from the University of California-Irvine.  While at TLF, he did well on the LAST examination and then attended Loyola Law School, while continuing to work at TLF as a law clerk.  He has been a material part of our major victories during the past five years, including our case that went and won at the California Supreme Court.

Justin graduated in May 2016, and took the California Bar Examination in July 2016, and on November 18, was informed he passed.  He will soon be sworn in as a licensed California attorney.

Justin Escano’s law practice will continue in the areas of real estate, business and music law.  Justin already has considerable experience in all types of real estate disputes, including homeowner associations, view rights, CC&Rs, trees and spite fences, municipal code enforcement, land sale and development, and other contentious neighbor v. neighbor disputes. Justin is also very experienced in all phases of litigation, including preparing complex appeal briefs and motions, drafting discovery motions, preparing discovery requests and responses, all phases of trial preparation, factual investigation, document gathering and review, electronic discovery, and, of course, witness preparation and trial work.