If you missed out on the fun, the full show can be viewed above! Check Keith out on 1:10:10, 1:10:17!

Since its start in 2008, the Turner Law Firm has been a key supporter of “Palisades Rocks the 4th!,” which is the largest and best July 4 festival in Los Angeles. In past years, an audience of 7,000 or so have enjoyed 300 minutes of live music, followed by fireworks, at the beautiful Palisades Charter High School campus.

This year was different. The organizers quickly decided to virtual concert and the Turner Law Firm and other sponsors contributed to the production cost for the show. It was a success! A “great hour of entertainment! Positively one of the most beautiful pieces you’ll see, with Pacific Palisades acting as a co-star with its beautiful scenery.” — Circling the News.

“Despite not being able to celebrate together, I think Pali Rocks the Fourth was the next best thing. It highlighted the beauty that surrounds us, as well as the amazing talent! I’d like to send a huge thanks to everybody who helped put it together, it takes a village!” — Palisadian-Post: Your Two Cents’ Worth

These are some of the fabulous comments viewers had to say about the Palisades online Extravaganza. Thousands of views all around the Palisades and Los Angeles County gathered around their computer screens to watch the spectacularly put performances by Los Angeles’ own local artists, including our very own Keith Turner!

Rock The 4th would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship of the Turner Law Firm and other local business and organizations throughout the Santa Monica, Palisades and Los Angeles area. We at the Turner Law Firm believe in giving back to the community; successfully leading, cooperating, and engaging businesses and organizations to show their support. We at the Turner Law Firm believe that without giving back to the community, we would be unable to provide lasting, positive impact to our friends and neighbors and provide our clients the knowledge necessary to fulfill their legal matters.

As the famous Freddie Mercury said it best, “The Show Must Go On.” Even though this Independence Day the Los Angeles beaches were closed, the Palisades football field was empty, and the sky was not luminescent from the spectacular annual fireworks show, the Palisades Americanism Parade Association (PAPA) took their annual Rock The Fourth full blast online!

The show included famous performances from Gilli Messer singing “America the Beautiful,” and special appearances from Palisades Native NBA all star head coach Steve Kerr, and Mayor Eric Garcetti. Throughout the show, various performances by our own local artists took stage around the Palisades’ iconic hot spots to perform songs that brought everyone together. Check out Keith playing the tambourine on the El Medio bluffs!

With everyone spending more time at home these last several months, it is important the Palisades community bands together through these unprecedented times to create a happy, uplifting atmosphere which everyone can come together. Keith Turner is a yearly participant and sponsor of Rock The Fourth and has successfully brought the positivity to the homes of everyone who viewed the performance. To whomever that did not watch it yet, we at the Turner Law Firm encourage you to check out the performers who made this show possible and spread the love in the comment section below!

We hope to see you in person next year!