As reported in the Los Angeles Times:  Why lawyers don’t want to sue homeowner associations on contingency, by Donie Vanitzian.  “The unhappy reality of modern life is that legal machinery doesn’t exist to compensate people for every unkind, improper or evil deed done to them in life, let alone in a homeowners association.”

We get lots of calls from individuals who are abused or harmed by their homeowner association’s (HOA) board of directors, including failing to provide essential services, such as repairing leaking plumbing; refusing to approve remodeling plans; belittling individuals at meetings; using the association funds to pay for attorneys who simply seek to quash dissent; etc., etc., etc.   Fighting an HOA Board, seeking justice, is worse than a David and Goliath fight because HOA’s reserve money is used to pay for the association’s attorney.

The reality of the law is that a contingency fee arrangement often does not make sense unless there are at least $100,000 in damages.

Nonetheless, because of the attorney provisions in the law for HOA related claims, my firm can sometimes provide alternative fee arrangements for certain HOA disputes, such as capped fees, reduced hourly in exchange for a contingency fee, etc.   Contact us if you are victim of an abusive HOA Board.